Area Franchise

06Area Franchise

This is the most basic form of the franchisee in the RTD Express systems which covers more than 95% of its network and contribute 90% of its business. This type of franchisee represents a small territory or a particular Pin code. They is responsible for the development of the business and serving the customer within the limited territory. All the above franchise is responsible for the protection of the RTD brand and Upholding the co-operate image in their territory or area of operation. New Franchises are given the opportunity to join as Area Franchisee and slowly graduate to higher category explained above.

Your Work And Responsibilities:-

  • Area Franchise covers 1KM of its radius for Booking of Courier & Cargo.
  • Area Franchise is who works in his area for Courier booking that could be any Businessman.
  • Area Franchise works directly under District Franchise.
  • Area Franchise will have to book Parcel daily and District franchise collect parcel from are franchise on daily basis.
  • Company will generate bill in every 15 days and you have to pay that payment within Next 5 days.
  • You will have to Purchase the shipment from the company in advance on company decided rates and shipment once purchase will never be taken back for any reason.


  • Investment of Area Franchise will be between Rs. 51,000 and depend on the business volume of the Area.
  • Area Franchise has an office.
  • Weighing machine should be there to take the weight of shipment.
  • You should have a printer in your office so that you could give the bill to your clients and also you could give the print manifest for Hub.

Marketing Support:-

  • Company will give the advertisement in news papers for your promotion.
  • Company will give the advertisement in TV Channels for your promotion.
  • Company will give you Flex Board.
  • Company will also provide you pamphlets to distribute in your area for your Promotion.
  • Company will also give the advertisement on internet website for your Promotion.
  • Company will Upload Your Franchise details on Company website for your promotion.
  • Company will register Your Franchise on Just Dial also.
  • Company will also provide you other stationary as MRP Chart, Pin Code List, Franchise Kit, Pamphlet etc.

Your Earnings:-

    You Can earn through Various aspects:-
  • Area Franchise will earn 30% to 50% Profit on Special Plans.
  • Area Franchise will earn 80% to 90% Profit on Normal Plans.
  • Company will give you 10% Profit on Corporate Billing.

If you book packets yourself -If you book a packet for Metro City on Rs. 100/- MRP and you have to deposit Rs. 38.33/- to the company then your Profit will be of Rs. Rs. 61.67/- per Packet.

If you book 100 Packets per day then your Profit per day will be –
100 (Packet) X Rs. 61.67/- (Profit per Packet = Rs. 6167/ Per Day.Rs. 6167/- (Per day Profit) X 30 (Days) = R.s 1, 85010/- Per Month

Bonus Earning:-

    You Can earn through Various aspects:-
  • 1. If any of RTD Express staff make area Franchise in Your area then Company will give you Rs. 500/- Profit per area Franchise.
  • 2. If there are 10 to 50 Area Franchise then You will get:-
    50 (Area Franchise) X Rs. 500/- (Per Area Franchise) = Rs. 25,000/- you get.