Case Studies

02Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Study 1: Accelerates Data-sharing:

RTD Express has made integration with an e-commerce customer for complete data fling of software applications. Making use of an FTP, data is uploaded or downloaded at periodic intervals and handled at distributed warehouse locations depending on the data and location.

Order or Shipments to be Booked.

Order Exchange.

Order Cancelation.

Payment Status.

The data with specific information of Booking, Transit, Attempts, etc. get generated automatically on FTP for the client access. Once the assignment is delivered, the delivery info and payment updation will also get uploaded into the customer’s FTP server. The system identifies the order which is to be cancelled and updated by the coordinator.

Case Study 2: Smart Sharing of Customs Clearance Status:

This solution is provided for one of our International E-commerce clients. RTD Express created a separate FTP port wherein the Customer will push the XML files for Custom clearance. RTD Express software application will pull these files and automatically gist it into our system for distribution. Following an updated delivery status, RTD Express will push this information back to the client system.

Case Study 3: TechMailer Manages Mass Mail:

One of RTD Express innovative solutions is TechMailer which is a standalone software application and a smart solution for mass mailers. The bar-coded TechMailer labels are printed from customer's database which doubles the functionality as an address label and also as an Airway Bill number. This system eliminates the manual job of handwriting or printing address stickers at client end. The pincode validation, shipment assignment, importing data, generating pickup report, exporting data to RTD Express system are fully programmed. We have electronic proof of deliveries which are dispatched and delivered by mailers and are available in the form of reports for the client. The master tables of TechMailers are synchronized with RTD Express Server to renovate client’s database and software systems.