Consignment Guidelines

01Consignment Guidelines

RTD Express Consignment Guidelines

The RTD Express carry the shipment and the consignment on certain terms and the conditions that are binned to the customers by way of mutual agreement between the Consigner and the Consignee. This contract of carnage between the RTD Express and the shipper is based on these conditions and any breach of these terms will be settled as per the guidelines of the law under Courier Imports and Exports (Clearance) Regulations, 1998.

1. At first, it should be make clear that, this is a nonnegotiable instrument and it has been made by the RTD Express, the Consignor and has been approved by both the parties.

2. RTD Express will take full care and duty for pickup and delivery of the consignments, however, Under no circumstances, RTD Express will be liable for any delay or pick up transportation or delivery of Any consignment regardless of the cause of the delay without limitations include Octroi and any other Charges liveable by any Central/ State/Local Authorities) related to the Consignment.

3. All the consignments booked by the consignee shall not contain any such items that are prohibited by The law and in the event of any said items to be found in the consignment, the RTD Express, the Consignor agrees and shall be liable to indemnify the company in terms of any claim made by the third Party in respect of the said prohibited items of material. Furthermost, the said items or material sent by The Consignor, RTD Express shall be solely at the Consignor risk as to the cost and the consequences thereof

4. RTD Express will carry only those goods that are the property of the Shipper (Consignor) and the Consignor warrants that it is authorized to accept and in accepting these conditions not only on the behalf Of itself but also as agent for or on the behalf of others who are or may thereafter become interested in The goods.

5. RTD Express shall not accept any claim beyond a period of hundred days from the date of booking of the consignment, nor will it entertain any communication in this regard beyond the above period. Further All the records of the delivery and other connected documents will be destroyed by the Company after Stipulated period herein above.

6. All freights and cargo shall be accepted for transportation by Air and / or by Surface.

7. RTD Express shall not be liable for any loss due to causes beyond its control like floods, accidents, fire, arson, loot, civil commotion, terrorists act and default or omission committed by the consignee or caused by situation beyond the control of RTD Express, and for any loss arising due to confiscation of goods by any Government or local authority. Subsequently, RTD Express shall not be liable for any consequential loss of damage caused under the above mentioned circumstances.

8. The Company shall not liable for any loss, damage, mis-delivery or non-delivery of the Consignment caused on account of act of God, force majeure occurrence or any other cause reasonably beyond the control of the Company. No claim whatsoever on account of the above reason shall be entertained by the Company.

9. RTD Express shall reserve the right to choose its route of routing and delivering the consignments which may change from time to time.

10. Octroi or any other charges levied by the Central State or local authorities, wherever applicable will be payable extra by the shipper/consignee

11. The RTD Express shall not book any consignment containing

  • a. Currency
  • b. Gems & Jewellery
  • c. Gold
  • d. Drugs
  • e. Explosives
  • f. Hazardous Chemicals
  • g. Letters and personal mails
  • h. Liquids
  • i. Radioactive material
  • j. Pornographic material
  • k. All contraband item

12. The RTD Express reserves its right to refuse the booking of any consignment without assigning any reason whatsoever. Further, all the consignments should be booked in open condition, and the Company shall not book any sealed consignments.

13. Reserves its right to open/inspect any document /parcel/consignment in order to check misuse of our services by any unscrupulous people

14. The Consignor warrants to the Company that the description of goods as noted on this Waybill and contract confirms accurately to the actual contents of the goods and it does not contravene the provision of the worldn Postal Act or any other Law.

15. For contracted clients, the same risk surcharge shall prevail and should be settled at the time of bill settlement. Claims, if any, shall be settled within 60 days from the date of receipt of evidence of expenditure and other paperwork to include

  • a) a letter of claim
  • b) Consignor copy
  • c) Declaration / invoice copy
  • d) An undertaking from the client that he has no marine policy.

16. The RTD Express shall under no circumstances accept any bearer drafts or cheques. All drafts And cheques should be crossed. Account Payee before booking the consignment and the Company shall not be responsible for any mishap in respect thereof. In the event of demand draft being lost in Transit, the Company shall bear the actual expenses incurred by the consignor for obtaining duplicate Demand draft or maximum up to Rs. 6000/- whichever is less (see Cl. No. 2)

17. At the time of booking the consignment, the Consignor shall be required to fill in a declaration form stating the value of the consignment and giving detailed description of the material

18. The Company reserves its right to refuse delivery of any consignment if proper acknowledgment is not given, such as signature, Company seal, date and time of delivery. Further, the address of the Consignee should be given with Pin code Number as well as the telephone number to enable prompt delivery and easy identification. No Post Box address shall be entertained by the company. Further, no proof of delivery shall be given by the Company in respect of Post Box, tenders and Government documents

19. In the event, the company is required to pay Octroi or any levies in respect of the consignment booked by the Consignor the same shall be paid forthwith by the consignee, failing which, the Company shall be within its rights to withhold the delivery of the said consignment.

20. Consignments booked under COD, are offered to limited clients and the value mentioned is not the declared value of the consignment and would not be liable for claim.

21. Unless until specified the delivery will be made only to the consignee at his doorstep only

22. The Company does not accept Share Certificates and whoever sends it will be doing it at their own risk and responsibility and in no way Company will be held responsible for the same.

23. Any dispute arising between the parties as to the performance or non-performance of the foregoing terms and conditions shall be subjected to the Bombay Head Office jurisdiction.

24. No employee, except the Management of RTD Express may it any manner alter or modify the terms& conditions of this Consignment Note