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A new weight regulation for express clearance of consolidation shipments has been implemented with an immediate effect. The regulation states that the maximum weight per consignment note eligible for express clearance is 100 kilos. If the weight exceeds 100 kilos - the shipment will be cleared as general cargo. With the new regulation effective there are no value limitations. However – the weight limitation will be very strictly applied.

Keeping in sync with our persistent & consistent efforts to be informative in order to have our network & customers benefitted from the same - the specific importance of the availability of a telephone or a fax number or a cell phone number along with the P.O.BOX NUMBER of the consignee based in any of the middle-east country is very much paramount.

It is absolutely essential that the contact details of such relevant consignees should include not only their full name & P.O.BOX NUMBER but as mentioned here -above the telephone number or the fax number or the cell phone number too.

These full contact details must appear on the shipment & as well as the consignment notes too.

In absence of the contact numbers - it is very difficult to deliver shipments which have the mention of just the P.O.BOX NUMBER - the city name & the country & involve unnecessary line-functions which delay the delivery transit times.

This compliance or adherence will definitely facilitate prompt & smooth deliveries to the consignees based in the middle-east countries wherein the contact identification of the receiver is based on the P.O.BOX NUMBER.

Lastly but not the least - the requirement of the contact numbers is not just applicable to the deliveries in the gulf-based or the middle-east countries but for all such shipments that are expected to be delivered anywhere in the world smoothly & without any problems or delays.